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How We Became Number One On Google In HIS Name HR

How We Became Number One on Google

Take it from the experts

Recently I presented a seminar on LinkedIn for success. Many of the key principles listed above were used in our presentation. What I didn’t know until I wrapped up was that there were three Google employees in the audience. If anyone could provide me with valuable feedback on these suggestions, it would be them, I reasoned. And so I asked. They replied:

Posting relevant well written information with keywords regarding your niche over a period of time on a variety of social media platforms will be rewarded by the search engines.

They added that many people overcomplicate search engine optimization, or quit posting right before a likely breakthrough in being noticed by the various search engines.

Don’t be reluctant to try social media and search engine optimization if you’re new to it. While it might seem foreign initially, with practice (regular use) and commitment by you and your staff, you can become number one in your niche, just like we did.



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