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How We Became Number One On Google In HIS Name HR

How We Became Number One on Google


Blogging is very important if you are going to become an authority in your area of expertise, product offering, ministry or service. Blogging helps get your point across and provides people an opportunity to visualize your work in action.

From a SEO perspective it’s hard to find a way to generate greater impact from any other activity than you can by blogging. Blogging, when done correctly, utilizes your keywords and brings the search engines to your site.

Blogging regularly indicates to search engines that your website is active and relevant because you are adding updated information, ranking you solidly above those sites that are less active.

We strongly suggest that you also partner with like-minded organizations to provide guest blog posts and increase your exposure. We blog for ABHE and CLA, for example. (Click on the links to see some of In HIS Name HR’s postings.) By doing these guest blog posts, we reach thousands more readers with each posting.

Some other suggestions when blogging:

  • Monitor word count and frequency: your blog articles should fall in the 400-700-word range and issue them at least twice a month.
  • Stockpile: Create a series of articles and have them ready and scheduled ahead of time to avoid gaps in your posting. Don’t let your stockpile dwindle to any fewer than six postings, which should adequately cover you when you don’t have time to spend writing.
  • Message management: Open up a Chimp Mail or Constant Contact account to manage messages to your followers.



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