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Overview: For many organizations, Human Resources (HR) is tasked with many responsibilities. The most critical aspect for many is how to lead people with compassion and understanding, and embracing the differences that distinguish individuals and make us each unique. HR guidance in employee policies and hiring practices can make all the difference when it comes to protecting the religious liberty of the organization.

Creating a high-performance culture through practical HR competency development will not only inspire your employees, it will reinforce your Mission, Vision and Values, as your organization strives for excellence. Consider the insights from this survey of the current HR “waterfront” and make sure your HR policies and practices will withstand scrutiny—important now, more than ever.

In this interactive leadership training, the following topics are covered:

  • Surveying the current HR compliance and litigation waterfront
  • Knowing what policies should be reviewed for religious liberty protection
  • Training the leadership team in prudent hiring practices
  • Preparing for challenges to your religious liberty freedoms
  • Celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion from a Biblical perspective
  • How to successfully integrate your company’s Mission, Vision and Values Statement into your organization’s culture
  • Several of what are deemed the best HR practices—an in-depth review that includes the integration of your organization’s Values Statement.

The above program is a precursor for the implementation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training.

In this day and age when Christian organizations are being criticized and bullied to comply with secular mandates and policies, it’s good to know what our rights are.  Through their training, “Protecting Your Religious Liberty in Your Employee Policies and Hiring Practices”, In His Name HR has put together a comprehensive study on hiring practices and employee policies that aligns with our Christian values and can stand up to the attacks that are attempting to dilute and destroy our Christian worldview. I highly recommend this training for any faith-based nonprofit to ensure that you are compliant without compromise. 

Rod Redcay Executive Director of REAL Life Community Services

This program is custom designed to fit your organization’s culture, so whether you’re a nonprofit with “Religious Exemption” or a for-profit Christian-owned organization that wants to enrich the knowledge of their leadership, this training is for you. With our vast experiences spanning many industries we will create the program for you that will drive excellence. Contact us today. You will be glad you did.

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