Your organization is growing at an accelerated pace. Or perhaps your business is starting to peak and plateau. Or maybe your business has been comfortably stable for years. One thing is for certain; at some point in time you will have employee relations issues. Are you ready? Do you have the tools in place to keep you and your company from financial and legal harm? If not, In HIS Name HR can help you design foolproof HR practices to help prevent exposure to liabilities.

Our basic HR programming includes the following items:

  • Employee Handbook’s
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEO) Plan 
  • Job Descriptions – Exempt and Non Exempt*
  • Drug and Alcohol testing both Pre employment and “for cause”
  • Absenteeism Management and Reward Programs

* For example, if you are unaware of the differences between Exempt and Non-Exempt employees, this is just one area you might be at risk in violating wage and hour employment laws.

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