In the workplace it is common that leaders see themselves differently to the way in which their employees view them. This is a problem. A problem that not addressed can cause rifts within an organization ultimately preventing high performance.

Wouldn’t you like to know your true leadership strengths and weakn
esses? In our proprietary process you will learn from your most important resource: your employees. By using the HR Impact 360 Leadership Tool you will learn:

○ What would employees most like to change about your approach with people?

○ What do employees believe to be your most impactful attribute, or attributes, that makes
you an effective leader?

○ How do you make your employees feel valued?

○ Do you give employees feedback on a regular basis?

○ Do they receive performance reviews on a regular basis?

○ How do employees view your ability to make their workplace effective, and their jobs fulfilling and enjoyable?

Utilizing over 20 years of organizational development experience from top organizations like Quaker Oats Company and Merck & Co. Inc., this product will reveal your strengths and weaknesses in several key leadership capabilities including:

○ Approachability
○ Direct teaching skills
○ Mentorship
○ Leadership
○ Delegation
○ Administration Management
○ Creating a team environment
○ Communication

What is the HR Impact 360 Leadership Tool? The HR Impact 360 Leadership Tool is a tool in which leaders receive confidential, anonymous, aggregated and meaningful feedback from the people who work with them. Depending on your organization this could include the employee’s manager, peers, and direct reports.

Receiving feedback from these diverse sources allows each leader to discover how others view their effectiveness as an employee, coworker, and staff member.

Simply put, 360 degree feedback matters.

Yet despite research identifying 360 degree feedback as a core process in best practice performance management, 360 degree feedback is not being used in most organizations.

360 degree feedback is important and when presented correctly can make an impact on a leader’s approach and ability to lead.

The HR Impact 360 Leadership Tool adds one more component to the process. Rather than just presenting the way in which others view the leader through 360 degree feedback, we take it a step further by integrating the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) into the leadership coaching process. We do this to help you understand your unique personality.

By using the MBTI® to determine your personality from all 16 distinctive types, we help you leverage your unique personality for effective leadership. This helps you to recognize and understand yourself as a leader, and provides the basis to help others understand their personality style and approach.

We can’t help others unless we understand ourselves. This is why our system works and others miss the mark.

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