Who We Serve

Our clients are for-profit companies, colleges, universities, medical facilities, retirement communities, nonprofits, ministries and churches.

We maintain three stages in our client relationships: Partner, Develop, and Prosper.


The first step in any relationship is getting to know one another. Such a courtship involves making oneself vulnerable, and in our case will include an HR assessment designed to help us to help you. Our HR assessment sets the stage for the scope of work that we agree needs to be completed.

Our work customarily spans 24‒36 months, depending on your organization’s needs.


During the Develop phase, we work with you to accomplish the scope of work outlined during the HR assessment. Typically, we implement those programs that will generate immediate, positive financial impact to your organization, a payback that offsets our fee.

Our clients receive a variety of services, which may include Recruitment, Organizational Development, Employee Relations and Compliance, and Performance Management.

Each client is different—needs vary according to programs that may or may not be in effect. The scope of the work involved reflects each organization’s unique situation.


Many organizations realize considerable gains in productivity, employee satisfaction, and reduction in hiring time within weeks of our partnership. One client, for example, reduced hiring time by almost 50% and healthcare expenditures by more than $1 million, money they are now using to grow their organization more effectively.

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