Career Directions

We all spend way too much time at work for it to be miserable!

Whether you are employed and unhappy or not employed and searching for a new opportunity, we are here to help. We have had the incredible opportunity of working in Human Resources (HR) in a variety of capacities, with over 25 years of HR experience We know what companies want. We have worked in Human Resources for very large corporations like Quaker Oats, Kodak and Merck. But also smaller family owned companies as well. We also know what most employees want and desire in their careers. Often times the desires of the company and the desire of the employee do not match.

Most importantly I have provided career coaching to hundreds of professionals as a Leader and Coach through the  The Career Network and we know what works.

As your career coach we will be:

  • Dedicated to your career success
  • Focused entirely on you while you focus on yourself
  • Help you manage the complexities of career change
  • A truth teller and will always tell you the truth even when it hurts
  • Committed to protect the confidentiality of our coaching interactions
  • Through “you-centered” career coaching, I help you clarify what is most important so you can create an action plan for your career path
  • Help you with interview preparation
  • Critique your resume and offer improvement

What we won’t be able to do:

    • Guarantee you a new employment opportunity
    • Network you through my contacts for consideration
    • Decide what is right for you
    • Provide therapy or psychological counseling

Self Discovery

What I will do is support your journey of self-discovery and honor your commitment to reach your goals. I will challenge you to do your best and always be there for you in this process. I will help you overcome the barriers that get in the way of a satisfying and rewarding career you want. We will work together on choosing your career and setting your goals. I will partner with you to identify how to achieve career success, whether you want to move up the career ladder, move on to another opportunity, or find that right opportunity in the workforce. If it is a new business you want to start, I have the resources to help you.

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Your Unique Personality

I have worked with many people who were unhappy in their jobs. Oftentimes their personality just does not match the type of work they are doing. Wouldn’t you like to know what it is that makes you unique?

We help you understand your unique personality. Part of our process is using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) to determine your personality from all 16 distinctive types. We help you leverage your unique personality to find the career that best fits your unique gifts.

Let today be the day that you decide to move on to a new beginning in your life.

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What others are saying about Mark and Career Coaching:

John Szymanski  Executive Pastor at TrintyLife

“Every session with Mark provided a fresh insight as to the concrete steps I should take to make my next step a reality. I highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for a fresh perspective and a new path to a value-rich life. He made a real difference in my life.”

Jamie Sipsma  Founder and Chief Consultant Silverleaf Ministry Consulting

“I don’t believe I would ever have been so successful in launching my firm absent the help I received from Mark. I am blessed to have worked with him, and appreciate him as a friend and mentor as we continue our relationship together.”

Vanessa Zook  Financial Representative First Financial Group

“I am always impressed with how Mark stands true to who he is and what he believes in, and am thankful for his honesty, trustworthiness and conviction, since being coached by Mark I have come to count on Mark as a mentor and friend.”

Tricia Blackman  Benefits Analyst at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts

“Mark’s approach was straight-forward and no-nonsense. Mark’s guidance has made a huge difference to me, both personally and professionally.”