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How We Became Number One On Google In HIS Name HR

How We Became Number One on Google

At our firm, we want people to recognize “In HIS Name HR LLC” as experts in HR from a Christian perspective. That is our voice.

Everything—everything!—we project through social media reflects that voice. Our primary focus is on leadership, Christian Faith, employee engagement, HR programming, high-performance HR systems, and recruitment and employee relations. So those areas of focus became our keywords. As you create your voice, think “keywords.”

How to Develop Social Media Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is nothing more than providing relevant information that is keyword-rich in your niche, designed to help web search engines find you in order to steer visitors to your website. This takes time, no question. But when you do it over a sustained period of time, you can “own” the niche you have created.

I cannot emphasize this point enough: when you start, do not quit. I have met many people who have halfheartedly created a web presence, or even enthusiastically invested a great deal in developing one, and then abandon or neglect it, not realizing how it makes them look unprofessional. It takes a great deal more effort to undo that damage than to avoid doing it in the first place.

If you start using a social media site such as Twitter, commit to doing so for a year or two. If you do not get the results you want after that time, delete the account and remove any and all links from your website and other social media profiles.

Regularly updating your social media profiles is also critical. If you fail to update your social media profiles frequently and consistently—even minor changes will register that the site is actively maintained—the search engines will assume your site is inactive and your ranking will fall precipitously. Not only that, when people visit a social media profile that has not been updated for several months, they assume the business, and the individuals behind it, are not professional, and will likely never return.



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