Living in these difficult political, economic and tumultuous moral times is daunting to everyone, but especially so to the Christian Business Leader. Having spent over 20 years in Human Resources with fortune, small and medium sized companies I have encountered every type of leadership style imaginable.  There has always been one common denominator between them all, most do not see themselves the way their employees do.  This is not good.  Let me help you become a better leader by coaching you with meaningful and constructive feedback that will help you not only professionally but personally as well.

Please consider these points:

    • Do you want to reduce both personal and professional stress?
    • Do you have a big goal you want to achieve but are keeping it to yourself?
    • Do you seek an unbiased sounding board, someone that has no political or personal agenda attached to the relationship?
    • And finally do you want to bridge the gap with your employees?

We help you understand your unique personality.  Part of our process is using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) to determine your personality from all 16 distinctive types.  We help you leverage your unique personality for effective leadership.

Best of all our conversations are secure, confidential and undocumented assuring the discretion you require.  Having coached thousands of employees and job seekers, and hundreds of leaders I have developed a style that is sure to engage you.  Call me today and let’s get a cup of coffee.

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