Where are we going and why are we in this hand basket? This is an age-old question that seems to trouble many employers, large and small.  The hard truth is that many of us continue to do the same things over and over expecting different results. Isn’t it time you decide where your organization is going and how you might get there? In HIS Name HR offers you and your leadership team a variety of tactical and strategic tools to get you wherever you want to go.

  • Strategic Planning – Five and Ten year visioning
  • Operating Plan development – Tactical yearly plan development
  • Leadership competency development – The “How-to” of leading people

Training and Development

  • Leadership Assessment Complex and in-depth
  • Basic Skills Development course WorkLeading 101
  • Legal training Keep you legal!

Specific Leadership Training Programs

The Management Assessment Profile (MAP) system.

This program is a two-day leadership competency assessment program that focuses key competencies of management.   The MAP assessment measures each leader’s competency level in 12 fundamental managerial & supervisory competencies.  The first day involves the assessment.  The second day involves delivering the results to the team and the participants. In presenting the results, all reports are collated by department, thereby providing leadership with the opportunity to review the strengths and weaknesses of the assessed group. From these reports, we cultivate training and development plans to focus on the key areas of capability improvement at each location. It is important to note, the competencies can be a part of the behavioral ratings in the annual performance appraisal system. By including the competencies in the rating system, we ensure focus on closing gaps, and are also able to help you develop succession planning.

Development Dimension International (DDI) Facilitation Instruction

This is the second leadership development program in which In HIS Name HR is certified.  We are qualified to deliver all DDI learning systems in the areas of leadership and workforce development and performance management. This program would be used to close the competency gaps as found through the implementation of the MAP program.

No-Material Cost Programs

In HIS Name HR has several options for programs with no material costs. We have developed and presented two-day supervisor training and development programs, and developed one day programs for senior managers and executives. This is one avenue for basic skills development that can reap a high level of reward as the program is designed around the organization. Specific vignettes of real world employee relations issues were developed and participants worked out solutions to these vignettes.

Often times we find most companies have never done any supervisory development work at all.  These programs help not only the reiteration of the mission and core values of the organization, it helps managers get a better perspective of how their team operates.

Additional Expertise:

  • Skilled facilitator in problem solving and strategic processes.
  • MBTI Myers Briggs administrator
  • Skilled in AON Workforce Commitment survey administration and data analysis.
  • Experiences working with a variety of performance management and appraisal systems.
  • Success in a project that included linking employee development to community relations.
  • Co-Leader of “Best Practices HR” Team.
  • Presented “Human Resource Champions” to HR Teams and Senior Leadership.

At In HIS Name HR LLC our primary role is to assist the client to identify needs, develop an action plan and facilitate change to enhance the success of your organization. Our management, human resource, and training services are designed to improve quality, safety, productivity, efficiency, and communication while improving employee morale.

With our vast experiences spanning many industries we will create the HR programs that will drive excellence. Contact us today. You will be glad you did.

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