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In HIS Name HR LLC Podcast

Faith in the Marketplace Evangelical Seminary Myerstown PA

Faith in the Marketplace is designed to help those in leadership integrate our faith into the marketplace and see that our vocation is far more than a profession – it’s a calling of God.

Listen in to this PodCast as Mark gives encouragement to Christian Organizational Leaders.

Recorded live at Evangelical’s Myerstown Campus, 121 S. College Street Myerstown PA 17067-1299 on April 30, 2013.

Guest Speaker: Mark A. Griffin, President of In HIS Name HR Christian Business Consulting and author of How to Build a Kingdom-Minded Organization. Mark knows what works and does not work, and most importantly he sees the world through the employee’s perspective! He believes in treating everyone with dignity and respect, because after all, your employees are part of your company family.



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