Artificial Intelligence Unveiled: Navigating AI From a Kingdom Perspective Small

Podcast: Artificial Intelligence Unveiled: Navigating AI From a Kingdom Perspective

Artificial Intelligence Unveiled:
Navigating AI From a Kingdom Perspective

AI tools have exploded since ChatGPT’s launch in November of 2022. And lots of people and organizations are still trying to wrap their heads around Generative AI’s potential, for better or worse. AI tools are here to stay and they offer an incredible opportunity to leverage your resources.  In this episode, we delve into the intersection of AI technology and the Kingdom. Join us as Bart Caylor helps unravel the mysteries of algorithms and machine learning, while considering the ethical and moral dimensions through the lens of a Kingdom framework. 

With over 35 years of experience in design and marketing, Bart has worked with top global brands and nonprofits like Motorola, RCA, Iams Pet Food, Lumina Foundation, Western Governors University, and the American Bible Society. Bart is the founder of Caylor Solutions and The Higher Ed Marketer. His writings and podcasts on AI have formed a broad perspective on AI applications use in Christian higher education. Most recently, Bart hosted a virtual conference on using artificial intelligence in higher education. Caylor, a first generation college-student, is passionate about education due to his own transformative experiences. This passion drives him to stay ahead of the curve for the future of marketing to consult and deliver solutions in both print and digital for his clients.

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