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Podcast: Culture’s Idea of Retirement Is Not Biblical, but Solid Kingdom-Based Planning Is

We spend a quarter of our lives in retirement, yet plan very little for this important and, potentially, most impactful season of our lives. This is especially true for employees of churches, Christian schools, and other para-church ministries. Why not plan for how God will use us as our physical abilities diminish, yet our spirits are at the highest level of maturity. Their is much to give to the Kingdom of our time and resources in our retirement years. Why not plan for it?

Meet Jim O’Bold. As a former banker who has worked with those with means and without, Jim has experienced the impact of proper financial planning (and the lack thereof) on life trajectories. After a call to FT ministry in 2009, Jim decided to apply his experience to God’s design for finances in the life of servants of the church. Jim briefly served as an Executive Pastor before landing as Dir. of Financial Planning at Servant Solutions, where their mission is Improving Financial Security for Servants of the Church.

Jim has now been with Servant Solutions for thirteen years, spending the last four as President. Although the organization is primarily a church retirement plan provider, it believes it is impossible to do proper retirement planning in a vacuum. Therefore, it leans heavily on providing free financial planning for its members as a wholistic approach to meet the goals and dreams God has placed on their hearts and ministries. This is Jim’s heart as an ordained minister, to Serve Those Who Serve.

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