Making Ethical Business Decisions

Podcast: Making Ethical Business Decisions

If you’re like most leaders, you are constantly weighing the business needs of a decision (layoffs, cuts in pay, increases in pay for certain key performers, but not everybody) and the ethical needs of treating people well, as well as kindly, as you make these decisions.

For many Christians, this leads us to wonder if we need to be different people on Tuesday afternoon than we are on Sunday mornings.

Meet Chris Grainger. Chris started a ministry to help Christian leaders step into the call they have to lead, no matter the environment. It is time to bridge the gap and lean into our faith, as we are all on mission, no matter the role or company we find ourselves in.

Chris strives to be obedient to what the Holy Spirit has called him to do. Part of that was launching the Lion Within Us two years ago and last year beginning the Summit Leadership Development solution.

The journey of creating The Lion Within Us has been fueled by Chris’s desire to help others and glorify God.  Chris is blessed to have served in several leadership positions in a professional and spiritual capacity. First and foremost, Chris is a devoted husband to a loving wife, a true “Proverbs 31” woman, and the strongest person he knows. Together, they lead a family of three beautiful girls and one amazing son. Chris is currently a deacon at his church and a certified financial coach. Professionally, he works as an engineering and services manager in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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