The New Career Normal

The New Career Normal

It was a gray day in the fall of 2003. I looked around the room at all the other walking wounded, the outplaced, downsized, reorganized and laid off professionals I had come to know during the past several weeks. As we were heading into the Christmas season, I would say in jest that we were just stuck in the land of misfit toys. It was funny for a few seconds, until the stark reality of the situation struck our hearts.

There may be times in your career  when you find yourself stuck in the land of misfit toys.

We were participants in outplacement with the firm of Lee Hecht Harris, tucked neatly into the suburbs of Detroit, where thousands would need their services over the next decade. The firm would, of course, enjoy prosperity; however, it was unfortunately at the expense of others. James Craft, the leader of the misfit toys or, better stated, Career Coach, would lead us through this difficult time. Some folks would come and go fairly quickly, but, for the most part, many came but  few left.

One key takeaway from my weeks of time with the group and James was something that James harped over again and again: Don’t put your eggs in one basket — diversify your career and time into different areas. Although he made the importance clear to start a side hobby business, invest in a franchise outside your daily job, create a plan to have multiple streams of income, etc., I really did not get it until almost 10 years later. James, I believe, was a visionary; he knew what was coming to the workplace years in advance. But I, like many others, still had an eye toward the past, and yearned for a long-term relationship with a company, just like my father had had.

I guess it was because, in my heart, in my core, my own desire would be to do just that, devote 30 years to a company and then retire. I was still thinking how people should be able to give their time and years of service to the company and have the company return the favor with security. Today’s reality is that only a very small portion of people in the workplace will realize this rare relationship. It is no longer the norm, and definitely scarcer than it was back in 2003.

It is highly unlikely that you will work for one company for the rest of your life. 

It won’t happen. Even people who went into the military and government service are now finding no long-term commitment there. Layoffs have started and will continue in these sectors. As a result, you will work longer than your parents had to work. So, you had best like what you’re doing, because you will be doing it for a long time! Most important, you are going to require multiple income streams to make it. A paycheck is not going to cut it. The quicker you figure this out, accept it and embrace it, the better off you are. Don’t be like me and wait almost 10 years! If I had listened to James, I would be further ahead in developing these streams than I am today.

So what has transpired since 2003 for my own career path? Well, most significant is that I have given my life to Jesus. My personal desire for security through employers has been released and traded for the eternal security of Jesus in my heart. I have navigated through an additional downsizing, followed by two other companies; both of which have shrunk considerably because of the changes in manufacturing coupled with the downturn in the economy.

One way to diversify yourself and enhance your capabilities is by volunteering. I have donated much of my time over the past seven years helping job seekers who have either been laid off, downsized or are just plain unhappy with what they are doing career-wise. By doing so, I inadvertently developed my career coaching skills and also created a model to help people navigate the exploration of the difficult task of redefining their career path.

I have also created various forms of cash streams. A good friend of mine, Allan Collins, of Success in HR, calls it “side hustling.” It means finding something you enjoy doing and monetizing it. Allan sold comic books for years, diversifying his income. Many people start an eBay business or an online portal selling specialty items. I started a Internet Media Business separate from my HR consulting firm that not only provides a cash flow for my retirement savings, but also prospers the sales agent and gives back to a counseling ministry for each sale made.

I launched an additional offering in conjunction with my HR firm, based on my 20-plus years of coaching job seekers: This has proved a success for my business beyond my expectations but, as important, has made great impact in righting people in their careers.

I believe that God wants us to be happy at work! 

Work should not be awful. If it is, God is telling us to make a change! 

This new normal requires continuing education, as well. I was fortunate to have received a BA in Human Resources and a Masters in Business Administration. Several years into my career, I attended several Executive Education programs at the University of Michigan. But, after those formal programs, I did little in furthering my knowledge. I did become Green belt, qualified in Six Sigma, and taught many programs through the years in the subject areas of Finance, Human Resources, Supervision, and Training and Development. But delivering training is not the same as working in that field. Except for the occasional seminar, I felt myself stagnating. So, just recently, I invested in myself and my firm and spent time becoming a certified practitioner in the Myers Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI). It was well worth the time and dollar investment, as I increased my skills and my credibility with my clients.

So, the new normal as I see it is that you cannot rely any longer on a long-term commitment by an employer. It is statistically improbable. Volunteer and enrich yourself and others. Follow James’s and Allan’s advice and create a “side hustling” cash stream. And, finally, never stop learning. Step out of your comfort zone and rekindle your relationship with learning. Enter a Master’s program, get certified on a program, get a license for use of a program, or become a practitioner of a tool that can enhance your marketability. If you do all of these, you will become more resilient to the New Career Normal.

Before publishing this, I shared this with several people, all of whom have considered at least one of these points. What are your thoughts? Is there a new normal we are missing? We would love to hear your opinion.

Workplace Grief In HIS Name HR LLC

Workplace Grief: It’s More Common Than You Realize

Guest Blog post this week

I had the privilege being a guest contributor to Sylvia Hepler’s blog:

Launching Lives

Workplace Grief: It’s More Common Than You Realize

Read the full post on Silvia’s website: here

Or read below:

Tell us about your role at In HIS Name HR.

My company provides HR support services to organizations with fifty or more employees. Typically, the organizations we support do not need a VP or Director of HR full time, but greatly benefit from having access to HR expertise consistently, perhaps a few times a month. I use my 20-plus years in HR at both Fortune and smaller sized companies to help develop for them strong, positive-minded HR practices. I have clients throughout Central Pennsylvania and we are expanding into other parts of the U.S.

What is workplace grief and how common is it?

It is more common than most may realize. Many employees are already bearing the staggering burden of navigating the pressures of a weak global economy, political turmoil and personal financial hardships. Add to that the fact that our population is aging. Many organizations have employees whose loved ones are elderly. So, when faced with a death in the family, it is often the last straw, completely breaking the employee down emotionally.

How would you advise a grieving employee?

This is an excellent question because employers should approach this from two perspectives, and prepare by having both a preventative and reactionary standpoint.

First, take a preventive approach by not waiting for it to happen before deciding how to deal with it. If you are a manager or a leader in an organization, take the initiative now to talk with HR and develop a strategy on how to handle such a situation. Not every department manager is comfortable with or capable of assisting an employee who’s dealing with grief. Identify two or three key people in your organization who will step in to help (and whom you will subsequently arrange to have trained to cope with the various situations and cultures in order to be prepared to react). Another alternative would be to retain the services of a chaplain to assist in these types of situations. Several of my clients use chaplain and have found this to be successful.

From the reactionary perspective, these same two or three people that you’ve chosen within your organization will have been trained and should be prepared as to how they will relate to the person suffering grief. In the Jewish culture, for example, it is common for people to visit a friend’s home when they lose a loved one and just sit with them, saying nothing. Sometimes just being there with someone shows you care. It is important to know that just being there for your employees, rather than avoiding the uncomfortable situation, can prove helpful.

How would you advise supervisors and colleagues to interact with a grieving co-worker?

The best advice is to not change anything and keep the routine as normal as possible. I would suggest that the manager calls all the employees together and asks that anyone who has a relationship with the grieving employee feel free to offer condolences. Those who don’t should not feel obligated, it can look phony and superficial to the grieving employee.

How can grieving and loss affect job performance?

Oftentimes, employees may have attendance issues or slight decreases in performance after the death of a loved one. It is important to keep the communication consistent and constant with the employees. Letting them know you care about their personal situation, but also giving them continued feedback, can go a long way. Offering assistance is a great way to show you care — offer a solution but also set the bar. Use language like, “I realize it is hard getting back into the swing of things, but we need your performance for the Team’s objectives. Can I get you some help from a co-worker?

Any closing comments?

Yes. Thank you for the opportunity to share my perspective with your readers. Death is an inevitable part of living; we must always be prepared for it. The best preparation is making sure you have staff that is prepared to offer empathy in a time of loss. Let’s hope your readers will not need to employ this advice in 2012!

Mark Griffin, of In His Name HR. In His Name HR provides human resource consulting for small- and medium-sized organizations. Mark has served in the US Air Force, has extensive educational credentials, including a BA in HR, an MBA, and several Executive Education certifications from the University of Michigan. In addition to serving as VP of Human Resources for an international agricultural equipment manufacturer, Mark has also worked in a variety of HR leadership roles for Fortune companies, such as Merck, Kodak and Quaker Oats, as well as privately held and employee-owned companies, such as Woolrich and Townsends.

Find Mark at InHisNameHR.comTwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.

Because Outlook Told Me So

Because Outlook Told Me So

This Post From Guest Blogger Buzz Rooney

I have always worked in small HR departments where I am one of 2-3 staff members, wearing multiple hats and juggling competing priorities all day, every day. I am generally orderly and mindful in my work and in my record-keeping. That is an essential skill in this profession where historical data can be called upon at any time for analytics or legal scrutiny. When my staff asks me how I keep it all together and remember to start, track and finish all these tasks, I jokingly say “I don’t remember anything. I just do what the Outlook reminders tell me to do.”

Still, there are times when I sit at my desk and look at the piles, issues and emails that all need to be addressed and I have no idea where to start or how to get it all done! When that happens, I take a deep breath, pull out a piece of paper and make a list.

Habakkuk 2:2-3 (NKJV) – “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time”

  • Written plans set priorities and give focus. Once you have dumped your brain and written down everything, you can organize the list according to what is most urgent and important. You may be able to get help or delegate tasks. You may find that there are items that can be postponed or removed altogether. You may find tasks that can be merged together. However, when thoughts are just rolling around in your mind and piles of work are all around, you have no idea of any of these things! Deadlines get missed and important items get forgotten. This is not what God would have for us. God wants us to be productive and meet needs through our work (Titus 3:14). Being deliberate and logical in our work can help us achieve this.
  • Written plans make it easier to measure effectiveness. When you maintain a list of to-do items or another type of action plan, it is easy to see not only what needs doing but also what has been done. There is a great feeling that comes from conquering tasks on your list (Proverbs 13:9). It gives us a sense of accomplishment that can help keep us motivated to continue working hard in pursuit of our goals (Galatians 6:9).

There are two clear pitfalls to avoid in when preparing the lists and plans for our work.

  • Complicated, confusing objectives. The Scripture calls for us to make things “plain” so our plan is easy to follow. Keep things clear and concise.
  • Lengthy, lofty outline. The Scripture calls for us to create plans for “an appointed time.” This is why long lists without clear time limits are ineffective. Keep things specific and finite.
    • Whether it is a strategic plan for the organization, a meeting agenda or to-do reminders for the day – the ability to create and follow a written plan is critical to consistent performance and long-term achievement. God wants us to be effective in our work. He also wants us to be organized and methodical. And when we look to Him for strength and guidance through prayer and meditation, we can rest assured that He will direct and keep us on a path to success (Proverbs 3:1-8).

Buzz Rooney is a practicing HR Professional with over a decade of experience in the production, manufacturing and retail industries. She has Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with a focus on Organizational Communication and Leadership as well as a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management.

Sales Representative Myerstown PA

Keystone Collections by Martins.

In an economy where jobs are scarce, we are proud to be retained in assisting this profitable company with filling this very import position. Please apply directly using the contact information below. Principles only, no agencies or recruiters thank you. Keystone Collections by Martins is an equal opportunity employer.


Keystone Collections by Martins, Myerstown PA location is currently seeking a Sales Representative  to join its Team.

Some of the duties of this position include:DESCRIPTION:Plan, organize and perform sales activities to meet the company growth goals.  Monitor and identify competitors, market opportunities and threats.IMPORTANT FACTORS FOR SUCCESS:

    • Being an example of and embracing the company mission, vision, and core values
    • Positive, Can-Do Attitude
    • Pride in Job/Quality Work Standards
    • Goal Driven
    • Planning and strategizing
    • Persuasiveness
    • Adaptability
    • Personable, pleasant personality
    • Fluent verbal and written communication skills 
    • Negotiation skills
    • Resilience and tenacity
    • Stress tolerance
    • Development of Skills and Continuous Learning
    • Ability to be a “hunter” salesperson
    • Ability to develop sales plan with goals, budgets, and accountability
    • Understanding solution selling and the importance of it for success
    • Able to handle tight deadlines, constant change in priorities and carry high stress load


    Key Tasks

    1. Generate and qualify leads
    2. Source and develop client referrals
    3. Prepare sales action plans and strategies
    4. Develop and maintain a prospects database
    5. Assist  in developing and maintaining sales and promotional materials
    6. Plan and conduct direct marketing 
    7. Make sales calls to new and existing clients
    8. Develop and make presentations of company products and services to current and potential clients


    1. Negotiate with clients
    2. Develop sales proposals and present sales contracts
    3. Conduct sales training of sales reps and customers
    4. Maintain sales activity records and prepare sales reports
    5. Respond to sales inquiries and concerns by phone, electronically and in person
    6. Ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships
    7. Follow up on sales activities
    8. Monitor and report on sales activities and follow up for management
    9. Conduct market research and surveys
    10. Participate in sales events
    11. Monitor competitors, market conditions and product development
    12. Deliver presentations of products and services at customer sites and at trade shows and conferences
    13. Meet annual sales targets
    14. Plan, manage and attend trade shows
    15. Maintain company CRM database with accurate, up-to-date contact and activity details
    16. Produce regular sales reports
    17. Provide feedback from customers and prospects to enhance products and services and marketing
    18. Identify target markets and connect with prospects
    19. Develop plan to grow existing accounts
    20. Drive and maintain the mobile road show to visit customers and prospects half the time
    21. Work with sales reps to identify and target key accounts in territory


    1. Assist in developing budget for sales and marketing and monitor and maintain budget

    Market Research

    1. Assist in the identification of opportunities for new products and services and for enhancement and development of existing products and services
    2. Monitor and report on the activities of competitors and potential collaborators and to identify business opportunities and threats
    3. Understand the market in which the company operates and how the company’s products and services are used within that market
    4. Identify new markets both geographical and by industry sector, for company products
    5. Ensure that the company has an in depth understanding of the users of company products and their ongoing needs


    • 2-4 years sales experience
    • Knowledge of relevant computer applications (excel, word, power point, etc)
    • Excellent computation and math skills
    • Proven ability to achieve sales targets
    • Ability to speak to people at all levels of the organization and customers
    • Well organized, able to handle multiple projects simultaneously
    • Ability to work under conditions with multiple and changing priorities, short deadlines, and conflicts
    • Ability to expend the time to complete the job on time.                                                            
    • Ability to travel on company business which include overnight stays for extended periods of time for over half to three quarters of the time
    • Knowledge of principles and practices of solution selling
    • Experience making compelling presentations
    • Knowledge of customer service
    • Ability to be discrete, emphatic, decisive, and diplomatic when appropriate

Send resumes in the strictest of confidence to:

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Warehouse Team Supervisor Myerstown PA

Keystone Collections by Martins.

In an economy where jobs are scarce, we are proud to be retained in assisting this profitable company with filling this very import position. Please apply directly using the contact information below. Principles only, no agencies or recruiters thank you. Keystone Collections by Martins is an equal opportunity employer.

Keystone Collections by Martins, Myerstown PA manufacturing location is currently seeking a Warehouse  Team Supervisor to join its Team. The Wareshouse  Team Supervisor is responsible for the quality level of the product, meeting the due date of the product, morale of the team, efficiency of the operation, and future growth of the warehouse.

Through servant leadership of the team, the Warehouse Team Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the quality and consistency of all product lines outbound and raw material inbound. Also responsible for overseeing and maintaining delivery schedules and guaranteed completion dates. Responsible for some aspects of grounds keeping.

• Pride in Job/Quality Work Standards
• Positive, Can-Do Attitude
• Development of Skills and Continuous Learning
• Following Company Goals, Plans and Guidelines
• Willingness for constant change and changing priorities
• Servant leadership in leading, motivating, and developing the team
• Planning and managing the work flow
• Completing jobs on time, on budget

1. Oversee and direct warehouse and delivery personnel to achieve a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Provide outstanding service to customers coming to pickup their furniture, and to customers we deliver their furniture. Maintain 100% guaranteed on-time delivery of furniture.
2. Manage vendors, vendor quality, and lead time.
3. Effectively manage inventory to ensure quality products and cost savings to the Company.
4. Provide quality-assurance support to production and delivery areas to ensure that products are built in accordance with customer and company quality requirements while maintaining production flow.
5. Be a service organization for all the other teams, to keep production flowing smoothly as relates to warehousing and maintenance. Constantly monitor warehouse layout and work with teams to improve their efficiencies by organization and strategic locations. Maintain a preventive maintenance program company wide to ensure smooth operation.
6. Continuous Improvement within the Warehouse Team to improve efficiency.

1. Lead the warehouse team in lean manufacturing which includes team meetings and team kaizens focusing on improvements and efficiencies and ways to serve the other teams better. Coach the team in actively participating in coming up with ideas to improve the team. Develop teamwork by making decisions as a team.
2. Staying current with the trends of the furniture industry especially as it relates to lean, warehousing, customer service, workflows etc.
3. Directs the day-to-day activities of the warehouse, including shipping, receiving, sanitation, maintenance, inventory control, etc.
4. Maintains accurate time records to ensure accurate job costing for the department. This includes daily review and “balancing” of team’s labor.
5. Maintain proper paperwork flow to ensure accurate inventory. This includes overseeing the closing of schedules, writing up reject lists, and filling out material lists for warranty and non-warranty repairs.
6. Trains, assigns duties and work schedules, and supervises the work of the warehouse and delivery team.
7. Manage vendors and their quality by developing agreed upon specifications and holding them accountable. Monitor raw material reject % and hold vendors accountable to industry standards and goals set by MWP. Develop partnership relationships with vendors to gain very short lead times with very small quantities cost effectively to enhance lean manufacturing.

• Understanding of furniture design and construction, with ability to read prints
• Basic knowledge of shipping and warehouse procedures and regulations required
• Ability to perform mathematical calculations accurately
• Ability to motivate team efforts to accomplish goals
• Strong personal leadership, supervisory and communication skills
• Well organized, able to handle multiple projects simultaneously
• Knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision
• Willingness and ability to work overtime as needed
• Willingness and ability to attend meetings before/after normal hours

Send resumes in the strictest of confidence to:

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Finishing Team Supervisor Myerstown PA

Keystone Collections by Martins.

In an economy where jobs are scarce, we are proud to be retained in assisting this profitable company with filling this very import position. Please apply directly using the contact information below. Principles only, no agencies or recruiters thank you. Keystone Collections by Martins is an equal opportunity employer.

Keystone Collections by Martins, Myerstown PA manufacturing location is currently seeking a Finishing Team Supervisor to join its Team. The Finish Team Supervisor is responsible for the quality level of the product, meeting the due date of the product, morale of the team, efficiency of the operation, and future growth of production.

Some of the duties of this position include:

  • Directs the day-to-day activities of departmental personnel with respect to production volume, flow, cost, quality and on time delivery dates.
  • Maintains accurate time records to ensure accurate job costing for the department.
  • Closes daily schedules on time and maintains proper paperwork flow with in the department.
  • Monitors production reports to ensure achievement of financial, safety, quality and on-time delivery goals.
  • Create and maintain a positive work environment which fosters high morale.
  • Use strong communication skills, leadership, and coaching techniques to accomplish quality goals and exceed productivity standards.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 2 years leadership experience
  • Well organized, able to multitask with deadlines on most
  • Ability to expend the time to complete the job on time
  • Ability to travel on company business which might include overnight stays
  • Ability to be discrete, emphatic, and diplomatic
  • Physical ability to walk long distances, stand for long periods of time and work in areas with light dust, heat, chemicals and moderate noise levels

Send resumes in the strictest of confidence to:

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Administrative Assistant III New Cumberland PA Location


Postion filled 02/27/2012

In HIS Name HR has been retained to assist in the recruitment for this integral position within an International Missionary Organization.

 Administrative Assistant III


To make disciples among every people group on Earth by sharing the story of hope that we have in Jesus Christ, building communities of faith and serving the world with love.

Job Summary:

Duties include performing administrative and office support activities for the Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice-President of the organization and the President of the Foundation as well as other senior level managers in the Advancement area.

Duties also include fielding telephone calls, receiving and directing visitors, word processing, filing, and managing e-mail communications. Extensive software skills are required, as well as Internet research abilities and strong communication skills.

Requires some work experience with high end personal donor touch and handling of ministry supporters/donors as related to advancement and/or major donor cultivation efforts. At times, may supervise other support staff. A premium is paid for specific industry or market experience in the advancement/development areas.

Advanced computer skills with the ability to train others in system usage is preferred.

Some Of The Responsibilities May include but are not limited to: 

  • Handle Phone Calls (both incoming and outgoing).
  • Process Daily Mail for Corporate Advancement & Foundation team.
  • Maintain COO’s and President of the Foundation’s calendar and schedule to coordinate work flow and meetings.
  • Work to maintain effective interdepartmental relations and communications within Corporate Advancement, Foundation and Home Office operations.
  • Time Card Manager & Benefits Charts Bi-Monthly (Cross-train with Planned Giving & Advancement Support Assistants).
  • May supervise volunteers and other support personnel (Cross-train as needed).
  • Maintain confidentiality in all aspects of constituent, staff and organizational information.
  • Support Corporate Advancement staff in project-based work.
  • Compile, transcribe and distribute minutes of meetings.
  • Prepare agendas and make arrangements for meetings – including the Board Finance & Audit Committee and Foundation Meetings.
  • Annual Board communications to Finance & Audit Committee and Foundation Board Members.
  • May conduct research, compile date and prepare reports for consideration and presentation to Staff and Board members.

In addition to these primary responsibilities listed above, this position will also be available to assist and be “cross-trained” with supporting the Advancement team in a variety of  areas:

Some Of The Qualifications May Include:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite; Preferred familiarity with some type of Donor Management software.
  • Proficient in typing.
  • Good writing, analytical and problem-solving skills.


  • Minimum High School Diploma; Preferred BA, BSBA or AA degree.

Some Of The Physical Demands and Work Environment May Include:

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to sit for long periods of time; talk or hear; perform fine motor, hand and finger skills in the use of a keyboard, telephone, or writing. The employee is frequently required to stand; walk; and reach with arms and/or hands.

Necessary Attributes:

  • Takes initiative
  • Energetic and deadline oriented
  • Strong communication skills
  • Able to work alone or in a team environment
  • Cheerful
  • Self-disciplined

Christian Life:

As an employee of this Organization you are an important member of a Christian organization. As such, all staff members are considered Christian missionaries and are required to participate in Chapel services.

Because of the nature of our ministry it is absolutely necessary that you possess and maintain a lifestyle that is above reproach.

All Employees must: 

  1. Be a current and active member and/or      regular attendee of a local Bible-believing church.
  2. Be able to fully support the      organizations core mission, vision, values, and ministry philosophy.

For consideration, please submit your cover letter and resume to

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Good News for Tumultuous Business Times- Radio Series Launched to Inspire Christian Business Owners

Good News for Tumultuous Business Times- Radio Series Launched to Inspire Christian Business Owners

Good News for Tumultuous Business Times- Radio Series Launched to Inspire Christian Business Owners  

Contact: Keith Wilson, Praise His Name, 740.264.4604; Mark A.Griffin, In HIS Name HR LLC, 717.572.2183.

Wintersville, OH – FEB 14,2012 /Christian Newswire/ “Praise HIS Name” in partnership with “In HIS Name HR LLC” announce the launch of a twelve week radio series highlighting faith in the Christian owned workplace. Tune in and enjoy listening to Mark A. Griffin, Chief Consultant, inspire you as he dialogues with host Dee Kovach, exploring twelve inspiring weeks of Christian Business topics.

Week 1-Why do you need to build a “Kingdom Minded” company?

Week 2-What is a “Kingdom Minded” company?

Week 3- What is an Organizational Mission?

Week 4- What is an Organizational Vision?

Week 5- What are Organizational Core Values?

Week 6- HR Practices, what are they?

Week 7-How to integrate Your Mission, Vision and Core Values into your HR Practices

Week 8-How to hire the best candidates for your company

Week 9- How to manage employees to their potential within your company

Week 10- How to get your non-performers off the bus

Week 11- Ways to effectively introduce Christ into your workplace

Week 12- How best to develop and manage your Company Culture

In HIS Name HR LLC specializes in Christian business consulting for Christian owned companies who want to integrate Christ into their workplaces through the implementation of High Performance Organization HR practices.

In HIS Name HR LLC’s mission is to provide world class business consulting by assisting our clients in their quest to be prosperous and “Kingdom Minded.” We provide progressive Human Resources programs that will increase profitability, eliminate non-value added practices, increase productivity, improve quality and, most importantly, enhance employee well being.

“Praise His Name” is the place where listeners can tune in and hear interviews, music from today’s best Christian artists, inspirational messages, sermons from area pastors, talk shows with a Christian-based theme and yes, even comedy. Praise his Name is an Internet based radio station that allows on demand listening to what you want to hear, when you want to hear it. Best of all, the station is available 24-hours a day.

Praise His Name’sMission is to be the Voice calling out on the Internet!  An oasis of Peace, Truth, Grace and Love in a world looking for real answers.

Learn more about Mark A. Griffin and his quest to help the Christian owned company live their faith by visiting him at, or call him 717.572.2183 or contact him on

Accounting Professionals Lancaster County PA Positions

Accounting Professionals

We are proud to be retained in assisting several profitable companies with filling several accounting positions for their Lancaster County PA locations.

Senior Accountant

• BA/BS Degree in Accounting
• 8-12 Years Experience
• Not yet at the Controller or CFO level
• Seeking a salary that would not surpass 60K


• BA/BS Degree in Accounting
• 15+ Years Experience
• Currently at Controller or small company CFO position
• Seeking a salary that would not surpass 80K

Resumes held in the strictest of confidence.

Principles only no agencies or recruiters  please.

Send Resume and salary expectations to:

In HIS Name HR LLC What to Do Next

What to Do Next and Wrapping It All Up

What to Do Next

So there you have it. The past few blog postings have given you plenty of ideas on how to integrate your MVV into the culture of your organization through your HR practices. There is a lot to digest, especially if you are not an HR practitioner. Don’t be overwhelmed by the possibilities before you. Simply work out a plan with your Team.

The first step is to create your Mission Vision and Values. Always include your employees in the process. Hire a good facilitator if necessary, but get this done for the sake of your organization.

The second step is to document what HR practices you currently have in place and what practices you still need. This may be a good time to bring in an HR expert to, at minimum, consult with you to help you understand what practices would serve your organization best.

My firm specializes in conducting a thorough examination through a rigorous HR assessment. Contact us today if you are interested in powering your organization to the next levels of performance through the development of HR practices that drive yourMissionand support your Vision in a way that personifies your wonderful Christian values.

Wrapping It All Up

Family-owned companies, as well as non-profits, have a distinct advantage over their secular counterparts. This advantage is the flexibility to state where they are coming from and how and why they are founded, without being accused of proselytizing in the workplace. Simply stating that your organization is “founded on Christian principles” is enough to let the public know where you are coming from and clear the air that you are not requiring your employees to commit to a certain faith’s principles.

We all have choices to make as leaders. We can choose to leave behind a legacy that our families, employees and communities can remember, or we can take an easier route, put our heads down, and reflect the politically correct agenda to which we have all been assimilated. The decision is yours and yours alone. Of course, the Holy Spirit has a lot to do with it, and I am confident that, when you consult with Him, you will choose the right path — the right path to avoid worrying about sharing your faith through your MVV with your employees, community, customers and vendors.

Having met with hundreds of people regarding the process of building Kingdom-Minded organizations, one thing is for certain: many recipients of this are frightened by the thought of sharing the message of Jesus with their employees. They are even frightened at the thought of insinuating that they are believers. I try to comfort them; I try to console them; I pray with them and I pray for them. But, at the end of the day, they need to make the decision for their organizations. They need to decide that the message of Jesus Christ is and will always be first and foremost, ahead of their companies and their own uncertainties.

When I started my HR consulting firm in April of 2011, I, too, had a decision to make. I could take the easy route and mask my purpose under a secular type of business model, content to secretly connect with Christian leaders to help them develop their companies to be Kingdom-Minded, or I could step out in faith and “out” myself as a Christ follower to my world of secular business associates. Having friends and contacts in senior level positions at some of the most politically correct organizations in the world made me understandably somewhat nervous as to how they would perceive the path I had chosen to take. Some of these executives are at such companies as Pepsi, Merck, Kodak, Armstrong, PayChex — the list goes on. Although most of what I do does not fit within these organizations, most of these specific executives have helped by connecting me to Christian-minded business people who could help prosper my business.

Ultimately, I decided to “out” myself, and, since then, I have received incredible, gratifying, heartfelt compliments spanning across my secular business network. What made me decide to go outward and name my firm “In HIS Name HR, Christian Business Consulting” was my reflection upon the passage of Matthew 25:14–30 NIV Edition

His master replied, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”

So, let me ask: if this was your last day and you were to meet God tomorrow, would you feel as if you had shared the message of Jesus with all whom you knew? Are you truly a good and faithful servant? I know that, when that day comes, I want to be able to look in God’s eyes and ask, “Father, was I pleasing? Was I a good and faithful servant?” I want to hear that, yes, I was.

What are you going to hear when you ask?