Lead with Grace and Peace; Never Condemn IHN HR

Lead with Grace and Peace; Never Condemn

Acts 17: 22–23

Paul then stood up in the meeting of the Areopagus and said: “People of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious.  For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: TO AN UNKNOWN GOD. So you are ignorant of the very thing you worship—and this is what I am going to proclaim to you.”

Christian business leaders should speak to their people where they are

In this verse, Paul brought himself to where the listener was. He spoke to where “they are.” This is important, because he did not rush into the conversation with judgment and condemnation; he actually praised them for being “very religious.” As the book continues, Paul brings to light what and how they needed to correct themselves. We learn a lot about Paul as a leader. How many times do you as a leader immediately jump to the negative with your people? Why not praise them first when it is appropriate on what it is they are doing right.

So, Christian business leaders, what say you? Do you compliment for effort, but guide your people back to the right direction with grace and peace? If you do, they will perform incredible acts of commitment for you and your organization. If you do, you are building a “Kingdom Minded” Organization.

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Tell us about a leader that you have admired in the past, what they did to help you develop in the areas that you were weak. What was their approach? Why did you respect them?

How To Build “High Performance” Organizations

Good news for tumultuous times!

Give your employees hope and a bright future in this upside down world.

Now more than ever, organizational leadership needs to create a platform to help employees succeed. Come and learn how to do this by implementing processes that will lead your organization to High Performance.

Leading an organization with clarity in Mission, Vision and, most importantly, Values makes good business sense. We call organizations that do that successfully, “High Performance Organizations,” or simply HPO’s.

The HPO experience:

  • Lower absenteeism
  • Higher quality products
  • Less employee morale issues
  • Safer work environments
  • Better perceived by customers and vendors


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Mark will inspire you with his no nonsense approach to developing High Performance Organizations.


Bring your whole Team! 

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About The Speaker

Mark A. Griffin is the founder and chief consultant of In HIS Name HR LLC, a human resources outsourcing and career coaching firm created to help companies pilot the complex issues of managing HR.

As a human resources professional with 20-plus years of experience in both public (Quaker Oats Company, Kodak Inc., Merck Inc.) and private companies (Woolrich, Conestoga Wood Specialties, Valco Companies Inc.), Mark is passionate about building high performance workplaces through utilizing best practices while leading companies with strong values.

While serving in the United States Air Force, Mark received his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Administration from Saint Leo University. He earned his MBA from Bloomsburg University while interning for Congressmen Kanjorski as a Military Liaison during the first Gulf War. Mark has completed several executive education programs at the University of Michigan and is a certified practitioner of the Myers Briggs Type Instrument MBTI®.

Mark and his wife, Gail, have two children, and recently celebrated their twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. They attend LCBC Church, where he is a career coach and volunteer leader for The Career Network, a ministry focused on assisting career explorers in the community.

A recently published author (How to Build “Kingdom-Minded” Organizations) , speaker and accomplished HR consultant, Mark A. Griffin gives Christian leaders encouragement in building values-led organizations during these difficult economic times.



Our God Is Greater than All Your Business Problems

Our God Is Greater than All Your Business Problems

1 Chronicles 28:20

David also said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished.

God is bigger than any of the problems you face today. When you accept this, embrace it, and demonstrate this to your employees, the world is your oyster. All too often leaders get bogged down by what they feel are insurmountable odds, but, when you have God on your side, anything is possible! God can make crooked roads straight; He can bring you that big contract in the nick of time, and, with God, all things are possible.

 Ask God to support achievement of your plan

So, when you are down and out, look to God for help. Set up a meeting with your key decision makers and subject experts and strategize a plan for achievement to navigate through the tumultuous time you are facing. Most important, memorialize the plan, get buy-in from key stakeholders, and pray over it. Get two or more people to agree on the success of the plan and ask God to support achieving it — ask Him for His guidance, ask Him for patience in you and your Team for the right time for fulfillment. If you bring God into your businesses decisions, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Include God today and build a “Kingdom Minded” Company.


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Is Your Company Grudgingly Generous

Is Your Company Grudgingly Generous?

Deuteronomy 15:10

 10Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.

Generosity is oftentimes a word we steer clear of. We hate the thought of tithing — is that before or after tax? The awkwardness and evasiveness never seems to dissipate. But what would happen if your organization viewed all of its revenue after expenses and taxes as God’s and not that of the owners and top leadership? Could you do that? Could you convince yourself and the rest of the decision makers that you should consider it to be God’s first?

If you are a miser, your employees will act in miserly ways

If you are a miser and your employees can sense that you are, that attitude will be contagious and more will follow your lead. You see, in reality, employees who work for misers are more likely to act in miserly ways themselves, but employees who work for generous leaders will be generous themselves. Be generous today, Christian Leaders, for if you act ungrudgingly and with generosity, you are building a “Kingdom Minded” Company.

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In what ways does your company attempt to be a good steward to its community through its employees? Are there easy ways to do this that you can recommend to companies just starting to look outward in their commitment to generosity? How does your company view stewardship?

It’s Never Too Late To Make The Best Career Choice

It’s Never Too Late To Make The Best Career Choice

As an HR consultant, I often coach people in their forties who have suddenly realized that they are working at a job they hate.  After many years of serving in their field and suffering through many years of discontent, they recognize how truly unhappy they have been.

Many times, people blame their unhappiness and professional dissatisfaction on other people, such as their bosses or co-workers, or their companies, when the root cause lies in the fact that…

They are simply working in the wrong field!

I am honored to have been a guest blogger on Alan Collins blog.

Enjoy reading the entire post here!

Now Recruiting For: Administrative Assistant Elizabethtown PA


In an economy that is yielding very little career opportunities, we are excited to assist this wonderful growing organization that provides superior website and management software solutions to churches and ministries in all 50 states and 33 countries.

Administrative Assistant

What you will do

This key position will ensure the smooth flow of incoming and outgoing documentation.  You will support and report to the CEO and communicate frequently with other directors and staff.  In addition to supporting the CEO you will be tasked with project management and a variety of assignments that could include AR, AP and HR while ensuring efficient front office administrative operations.

The Administrative Assistant must comply with established policies, procedures while bringing appropriate remedies to administrative opportunities. You will demonstrate all our core values in the administrative efforts, with an emphasis on excellence.

Some Qualifications We Are Looking For

  • Detail orientation with excellent follow through
  • Demonstrated experiences developing and implementing systems
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Comfortable vetting out requests (urgent/important)
  • Proficient at: Outlook / Fast and accurate typing / Learning new software
  • Bookkeeping experience a plus

Some Required Skills and Education

  • BA/BS Business and or equivalent experience
  • Excellent people skills including personal and group communication (verbal and written)
  • Excellent time management- Build strong internal and external relationships
  • Brainstorming – being creative – initiate ideas and developing them
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • MAC/PC, phone, instant message

Traits We Look For

Joyfulness,  Enthusiastic, Determined, Discrete, Dependable, Sincere and Humble

About Elexio

Elexio is a Christian owned software company in Elizabethtown PA celebrating 28 years of serving ministries. God has blessed Elexio with an excellent staff of business professionals who are made up of pastors, youth leaders, worship leaders, etc. – people involved in ministry. Elexio provides superior website and management software solutions to churches and ministries in all 50 states and 28 countries.

Elexio offers a generous benefit program and an environment rich in enthusiasm, growth and provides appreciation for contributions made.

Due to the overwhelming response we anticipate we ask that you are patient during the selection and interview process. All qualified applicants will be notified.

Prior to contacting us please review the video about Elexio here.

Cover letters should include why you should be considered for the position and what would make you the best candidate. Please provide your experiences that will support the Mission while demonstrating and embracing the Core Values of  Elexio.

Serious and confidential inquiries:  HR@InHISNameHR.com

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Kingdom Building Mission 2012 - Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Success Update- Kingdom Building Mission 2012 – Zaporozhye Ukraine

Our Mission trip to the Ukraine was a success! Much was accomplished and the foundation for further advancement has been set. Our Mission was simple: Develop the region’s businesses so that they can prosper and support their churches. The churches will in turn grow and prosper, and be able to develop schools for the orphans who are currently lost spiritually and educationally. During our trip, we specifically focused on helping to develop businesses in support of the trade school programs offered through the New Hope Center.

As our first order of business, we conducted an outreach luncheon during which my good friend Dave Balinski (Regional Director CBMC Central Pennsylvania) spoke on the topics of “Asking Good Questions” and “Developing SMART goals.”  He closed the session by asking the most important questions that we all need to answer.


Besides the significant interest in the topics, there was also receptiveness to the invitation to consider the claims of Christ. We thank our incredible interpreter, Olga Rubel, who interpreted our English presentations into Russian and helped us deliver our message.

width="300"Dave and I visited a Christian Trade School which had just opened within the past few months prior to our visit. We were greeted by the first seven attendees of that school. Each of the students, all orphans, is fully engaged in career training and the Bible. At first, the students were very reserved, but as we shared our hearts with them, they warmed up.

width="300"The most difficult aspect for me personally was the realization that these teens never had earthly parents and will never understand that bond and security. In fact, it took me several weeks to get my arms around it. After randomly crying on the flight home, and then enduring several days of a heavy heart, I realized how hard it was on me emotionally.

But what saved my heart from further pain is that although they are absent an earthly father, they have one through their savior Jesus Christ.

You see, sometimes, even when you have an earthly Dad or Mom, you really don’t because they never loved you or respected you like God does.

We are plagued with kids that have parents who are incapable of loving them and helping them to develop to their potential.

So if you are in that circumstance, know that you have the greatest Father for eternity – a father who will never let you down, God our Father.

In Zaporozhye, we immersed ourselves into the culture. We ate with, shopped with, participated in Bible study with, and enjoyed companionship with a wonderful variety of people in a very short period of time. It seemed everyone around us was enamored with the U.S. and current events. And it seems the whole world continues to watch us to see how we will be leading the world into the future. Will our approach be principled? Moral? Will it reflect the foundation that the U.S. was founded on? Will God’s hand remain on us?

We had an incredible time meeting with a couple, Yura and Tanya, who recently started a Boys home to help male orphans as they leave the orphanage at the age of 15-16 to start their lives on their own. Their selfless dedication to helping these boys was breathtaking. For a young couple to do what they are doing is such a beautiful gift.


In addition to the luncheon, I presented an all-day seminar to over a dozen attendees on how to create a “Kingdom-minded business.”  The seminar was based on my recently published book. I also spoke on the idea of “Servant Leadership,” which generated interest to the point of me being asked to speak in a local church the following morning!

During our stay, our host Vova (Vladimir Kiyanenko) was gracious and extremely informative about the culture, the business climate and the orphan situation. I am very grateful for his hospitality and look forward to partnering with him in the future.



So in closing, over the next few months Dave and I will be strategizing how we can take our next visit to the Ukraine to the next level. Hopefully advanced marketing and networking will help us increase seminar class size but also help to get the message out about how these few people are making such a great impact on Children’s hearts. Want to help? Contact us, I would love to have your support and commitment moving forward.

Unreasonable In HIS Name HR LLC

Unreasonable Objectives Are Dishonest Standards

Leviticus 19:35

35Do not use dishonest standards when measuring length, weight or quantity.

It goes with out saying that, as Christian Business Leaders, we should always manage using Christian principles. The sometimes subtle shaving or rounding of numbers can get out of hand. We all immediately get defensive and say we would not be involved in it, but I am sure that, statistically speaking, we have all been involved in matters that we are not proud of. One overlooked area of potential dishonesty is having goals and objectives or production quotas that are just simply unreachable by employees. Having witnessed this firsthand, the following is a likely scenario.

A new manager comes on board. The new manager does not like a certain subordinate. The subordinate, although a long-term employee and well liked, is now under increased scrutiny of the new manager. The new manager shows a negative bias as to the employee’s personal activities, education, and even their personal life activities. The new manager not only demands unreasonable objectives from the employee, but they also eliminate any support positions or staff that support the subordinate’s function. The employee begins a spiral downturn of poor performance, crying out for assistance until the new manager gets his twisted objective met and fires the employee. The manager then hires someone at two-thirds the pay and rationalizes his decision on a warped sense of “lack of performance”.

This, dear reader, is dishonest, but practiced in some organizations.

The best solution to setting unrealistic goals and standards that lead to termination is simply to never get there at all. But, if your organization has, now is the time to correct it, ask for forgiveness and move on. If you are honoring God by managing an organization beyond reproach, you are building a “Kingdom Minded” Organization.

Help our community of readers

What dishonest practices have you met in your career? (Please do not include names of individuals, organizations or companies.) What God-honoring processes, as they relate to goals and objectives, have you witnessed?

Transportation Supervisor – 2nd Shift New Holland PA

New Holland Transport Inc.

Transportation Supervisor – 2nd Shift
New Holland Transport Inc.

In an economy that is yielding very little career opportunities, we are excited to be retained by this wonderful growing organization that provides trucking transportation services to the Pennsylvania  market.

The 2nd Shift Supervisor is responsible for supervising Pick-up & Delivery Drivers, loading and reloading freight and ensuring that quality service is provided to each customer.  The main focus of the Transportation Supervisor is maintaining the highest possible percentage of on-time deliveries.

Some Essential Duties

  • At the beginning of the shift, review the evening schedule with the Dispatcher.
  • Meet with General Manager Transportation for the list of maintenance and other jobs for the evening.
  • Relate closely with all 2nd shift employees to ensure efficient use of time.
  • Ensure that all trucks be unloaded on time according to priority.
  • Ensure that all trucks are loaded by dispatch time.
  • Develop relationship with STBI Dock Manager to ensure efficiency at STBI.
  • Ability to delegate work effectively to others.
  • Provides detailed evaluations to subordinates outlining strengths, opportunities for growth and normal goals.
  • Enforce and apply all stated company policies.
  • Interfaces with others in the organization to ensure customer deadlines are met.
  • Directs workers in adjusting processes and equipment to meet shipping deadlines.

Some Positional Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED or equivalent experience.
  • 2 years related experience and 4 years dispatch experience preferred.
  • Class A CDL.
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret technical procedures, financial reports or governmental regulations.
  • Ability to write reports, business correspondences, and standard operating procedures.
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, customers, and the general public.

Due to the overwhelming response we anticipate we ask that you are patient during the selection and interview process. All qualified applicants will be notified.

Cover letters should include why you should be considered for the position and what would make you the best candidate.

Serious and confidential inquiries:  HR@InHISNameHR.com

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Leave Sheaves Behind and Be Rewarded IHN HR

Leave Sheaves Behind and Be Rewarded

Deuteronomy 24:19

19When you are harvesting in your field and you overlook a sheaf, do not go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow, so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.

When we live our lives in a compassionate and giving way, God has a way of replenishing our supply of resources. Oftentimes what you will find is that, the more you give away, the more you gain. Sounds absurd perhaps, but I have experienced it several times, not only in personal lives but in many careers as well.

This is very important in the workplace. The more you coach and mentor your employees, the greater the reward they will reap, and you as well. Don’t let yourself be selfish with your time. Having met many selfish leaders who have never connected with their direct reports has led me to understand the grave consequences that are felt within the organization at the employee level.

 Allow your employees to enjoy the company’s harvest.

Connect with your people daily, share objectives with them, and create excitement within your Team. Excited and passionate teams reap results. Most of all leave many sheaves behind for them. Let them enjoy the fruit of the company’s harvest. If you will do this, you are building a “Kingdom Minded” Company.

Help our community of readers

What does your organization do to make sure your employees are left some sheaves? How do you share in the success of the company? Do you know of a company that does this? What do they do that makes you smile?