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DR2015 Difference Makers

Mission DR- 2015

Be a difference maker in 2015! Do this by creating an impact serving the people of the Dominican Republic (DR).

In HIS Name HR LLC in conjunction with HarvestNET International and Cups of Cold Water Ministry is leading trips that will open your eyes and fill your heart.

May 26- June 2, 2015

8 days – 7 night trip  (Two Travel Days)

Contact Us Today For A Trip Fact Sheet

Christian Purpose

This trip is focused on service, evangelism and personal Christian development.

It is expected that this trip will provide you with the opportunity to express God’s love by helping others.  This trip is life changing for anyone in any stage in his or her walk with Christ.

This is a working trip!  Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and make an impact!  




Our Mission

We will have several main focus areas during the trip.

1.  Serve food and water to people in extreme poverty. (Dump Feeding)

2. Deliver kid ministry and enrichment to Dominican and Haitian disadvantaged Children. (Vacation Bible School)

3.   Service Projects, which may include painting, cleaning and building homes.  (Zion Village Support)

4. Village evangelism, allows us to present the gospel in a meaningful way to children and adults alike. (Movie Nights)

Contact us to learn more and and receive an information fact sheet with trip particulars .Please place in the subject line  “DR2015”.


We came to love them- But they loved us back more.

We Came to love them- But did not expect their love in return.

Making some noise!

Glad you came now let’s rock!


I had no shoes, today I do!

I had no shoes, today I do!

Your Were Thirsty , I Gave You A Drink

I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.

Pictures from previous trips: Crossover Group Trip 2013  Couple Trip Mark and Gail Griffin 2014 

Outcomes Magazine Spring 2014 IHN HR

Outcomes Magazine Spring 2014

Honored To Be Featured in Outcomes Magazine Spring 2014 Edition

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MARK A. GRIFFIN is the founder and chief consultant of In His Name HR LLC. Follow him on Facebook at InHISNameHR or Twitter @InHIS-NameHR. In His Name HR helps organizations build HR programs based on MVV. Contact them for more information at ( or e-mail them at

CLA Dallas 2014: Clarify your organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values by attending Mark Griffin’s CLA Conference workshop Building a Kingdom-Minded Organization.” April 14–16.

Press Release IHN HR

Press Release: Revolutionizing organizations: In HIS Name HR introduces Human Resources Mastery Toolkit

February 28, 2014 Via  PR Newswire 

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Founder and President of In HIS Name HR Mark Griffin says the key to overcoming these hurdles is knowledgeable leadership.

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Mr. Griffin explains that HR issues can cause irreparable damage, and it is imperative for the success of any business to address these problems in an effective way. The Human Resources Mastery Toolkit offers in-depth, step-by-step training that equips the user with the resources and tools to expertly correct operational problems and boost organizational performance.

A far cry from an HR how-to booklet, the Human Resources Mastery Toolkit is currently available, for a limited time only, with a free iPad Air with Wi-Fi and a 16GB memory, valued at US$525.

The Human Resources Mastery Toolkit provides the user with five detailed training programs, plus companion materials that cover these areas pertaining to boosting organizational performance:

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Ready-made meeting outlines, agendas, and expertly crafted templates accompany each program and are easy to incorporate into the daily running of organizations.

Securing sustained growth and a better work environment is within easy reach. Visit for the key to a more prosperous future.

For further information, please contact:

Mark A. Griffin


Founded by HR expert, Mark Griffin, in 2011, In HIS Name HR is strongly guided by Christian values and strives to reflect Christ in all areas, starting with the view that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, and that employees are the most important part of all organizations.

In HIS Name HR provides progressive HR programs to increase productivity and profitability, eliminate non-value-added practices, and enhance employee wellbeing. The company provides around-the-clock support, and representation in all HR situations.

CLA Dallas TX 2014 Building A Kingdom Minded Organization

Leading an organization with clarity in mission, vision and, most importantly, values that reflect Christ -makes good business sense. We call organizations that do that successfully, “kingdom minded organizations.”

They experience: lower absenteeism, higher quality products, less employee morale issues, safer work environments, and positive relationships with customers and vendors. After attending this workshop you will be able to:

1) Build a focus on Christ into your organization,

2) Effectively create or reignite your mission, vision and values, and

3) Integrate that mission, vision and values into your HR practices.

Field of Study: Personnel/HR, Intermediate, Professionals leading organizations in positions of influence. Please be prepared to share your current Mission-Vision and Values (If in place).


Meet us in Dallas!  

Mark A. Griffin, President and Founder In His Name HR

Workshop Session 5 Wednesday, April 16 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM