Putting the Ego on Simmer

Podcast: Putting the Ego on Simmer

Meet Denise Lawrence. In a recent mastermind session she facilitated, she focused on leadership development and had a candid discussion about Big Egos and what this form of leadership character can do for teams.

The reality is that, no matter how smart or skilled we are as leaders, we cannot know everything. When the ego is so profound that it prevents employees from using their own places of strength—intellect, skillsets, and workplace gifting—then the entire organization is in jeopardy of failure.

Join Mark and Denise as they discuss how to tone down the ego or turn a hot and heavy ego on simmer for the benefit of those we lead.

Denise has been a business owner since 1987 and has experienced failure many times while building great teams. Denise finally checked her ego and learned to lead from a position of service, which is the best biblical instruction for leadership that can be applied. Denise has served over 300 mastermind groups across the country, and through focus groups, she has learned what needs to change to make these truly effective for the leaders who participate and the employees and teams who benefit from their participation.

Today, Denise is a serial business owner with a mission to establish programs and services that close the wealth equity gap for faith-based businesses in America. She calls herself the business disrupter because she believes the whole small business industry needs a transformational shift toward serving others, lifting others up, and erasing a hierarchy where only the top thrive.

When the goal is for everyone in the business to succeed, be happy, and build wealth, they all rise together. Denise is a former journalist turned entrepreneur, pastor, wife, mother, grandmother, and Ph.D. candidate at Liberty University.

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