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Our God Is Greater than All Your Business Problems

1 Chronicles 28:20

David also said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished.

God is bigger than any of the problems you face today. When you accept this, embrace it, and demonstrate this to your employees, the world is your oyster. All too often leaders get bogged down by what they feel are insurmountable odds, but, when you have God on your side, anything is possible! God can make crooked roads straight; He can bring you that big contract in the nick of time, and, with God, all things are possible.

 Ask God to support achievement of your plan

So, when you are down and out, look to God for help. Set up a meeting with your key decision makers and subject experts and strategize a plan for achievement to navigate through the tumultuous time you are facing. Most important, memorialize the plan, get buy-in from key stakeholders, and pray over it. Get two or more people to agree on the success of the plan and ask God to support achieving it — ask Him for His guidance, ask Him for patience in you and your Team for the right time for fulfillment. If you bring God into your businesses decisions, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Include God today and build a “Kingdom Minded” Company.


Help our community of readers

What have you done to include God into your business plans? Have you experienced prosperity by ensuring His inclusion? Please share your abundance stories with us and help encourage our reader community.

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    There are many things that will bring you down especially in the business world had problems today with my business partner and accusing me that some money of hers is missing I have left all of these problems in God’s hands and I know that he will take care of each and every. problem that is complying right now in my business environment because he gave me the ability to do the type of work that I do he is in charge of my life so I know only good things will happened. In my life


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    Thanks for the reminder, but I might suggest that we phrase it somewhat differently. That my plan would be in accordance with His plan. Prosperity may or may not be God’s objective for me, or for anyone, since it can just as easily be a hindrance to our relationship with God as a blessing.

    Hebrews 11 lists a lot of impressive people who were commended for their faith, and were successful in God’s eyes, yet some got sawed in half or ended up living in caves. While this end result isn’t what we want to think of as living “victorious” lives in this day and time, we would be arrogant to preclude it.

    Still, I don’t believe that what you were saying above was intended to be in conflict with any of what I just wrote.

    Best wishes…

    Tim Heard


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    God has always been an unbelievably faithful friend in the background of my life. At times I have been very religious (Christian) and maybe a little too fundamentalist. At other times I have been distracted by the concerns of a busy life. I wanted to share something that happened to me recently that has really impacted my life and my beliefs. Please read to the end before assuming what I am sharing…

    I’ve always felt similar to Tim’s comment that it was best to work hard and accept what comes believing that success or prosperity (or at least my definition of it) are not always God’s will for someone’s life. I’ve always felt strongly against the “name it claim it” movement of cheap spirituality and I’ve never been able to reconcile that with the opposite side: “that then the loving God I believe in would also be willing for children in Africa or India to be in poverty”. The shadow side of this belief (at least in my life) was that it rarely forced me to really ask myself how far am I willing or able to push my faith?

    I have had a construction company for about 13 years. There have been about 10-15 times when it was down to the wire and we were on the brink. Many months of too much month and not enough money. Numerous years of paying my foreman 2-3 times what I made. But I always chalked it up to learning perseverance and I responded by pushing through.

    At the beginning of the year we were at the point where I finally gave up. My business partner had just left and I met with two bankruptcy attorneys to start moving in that direction. My spouse and I started praying every evening together just that God would help in whatever way He wanted. Although I had prayed lots before, there is nothing like a painfully serious crises to open up our ability to be vulnerable and honest with God. I basically said “God I have tried so hard at this and yet I think my best efforts have steered my life and my family into the rocks. If you would like to take control of this mess..you can have it. Please just be clear with me as I’m often kind of stubborn”.

    This is not in any way suggesting that someone can manipulate God into doing something…we can’t that’s just foolish. Regardless of the words, God hears the heart. But something happens when we come to the end of our abilities and we come up short. Something happens when we give up and hand the steering wheel of our life back over to our Creator.

    In my case a few days later the largest construction company in Canada called for a quote on a project. We had done a very small job for them before and had quoted a few other jobs for them as well so it wasn’t out of the blue. But it was very miraculous because they gave me all of the measurements for the job as I was too busy to do them (this is simply not done in my industry). Then I went through my spreadsheet after being awarded the job and realized there were a few very large errors in my math IN MY FAVOR yet we still got the job. The job started out larger than we have done in our best year and then it almost tripled due to changes as the job went along. It was an incredibly difficult few months with regular work weeks of 70-80 hrs so it wasn’t simply God showing up and fixing everything but at the same time the opportunity itself was a miraculous provision by Him. We started the job with nothing but debt and a few hundred bucks on a credit card. Somehow the money came in and suppliers (even ones we hadn’t worked with before) were very flexible in their terms. Somehow we financed a job that turned out being almost $1.5 million project!

    This 4 month job singlehanded has liquidated all of our debt and positioned us better in our field. This is not bragging…I worked my butt off as did my spouse and our workers but I know full well who was in the background pulling strings and making things work out well (thanks my Friend).

    This is what I have learned from this that I hope to apply more to my life:

    1) God loves having fun with along with us…like a parent and child he enjoys the exhilaration of breaking through a roadblock and a milestone

    2) He is ALWAYS there in the background…ALWAYS ready to hear every word…ALWAYS there…ALWAYS

    3) He loves us based on who He is not based on who we are or what we have or haven’t done

    4) He loves being trusted and will never let you down…EVER

    5) He loves doing things that I think are impossible

    6) He NEVER gives up on us…no matter what

    7) He has much bigger plans for me than I am currently able to experience and only me growing in my ability to trust Him will enable those things to come to pass. Growing in my ability to trust in Him in a larger and larger way is actually my job and neglecting that prevents me from experiencing some really exciting adventures.

    He’s a pretty amazing Friend and I’m very grateful

    Blessings and if you’re going through a real rough patch in life or business, hang in there a tiny bit longer. And talk to Him about it…He’s there for you



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