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Navigating Religious Freedom in the Workplace Sharing a Kingdom Perspective

Podcast: Navigating Religious Freedom in the Workplace

Navigating Religious Freedom in the Workplace
Sharing a Kingdom Perspective

We all know the workplace is getting more and more difficult to manage. Since coming out of Covid, many organizations are floundering under new assumptions of how to operate. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a hope and a future we can offer our employees – one that benefits everyone involved.

Depending on the business you operate, that might not sound feasible. After all, there are two classes of employers: religiously exempt (non-profit) and secular (for-profit). One can hire based on religious affiliation; the other is legally prohibited from doing so.

So what about the Christian-owned for-profit organization? How can it promote the best possible workforce anyway?

Listen in as Stephanie N. Taub, Esq. navigates the dos and don’ts of sharing your faith in the workplace. She and Mark also discuss the use of chaplains, allowing employees to volunteer on company time, Bible studies, prayer at company-sponsored meals, and other topics of interest.

Taub serves as senior counsel with First Liberty Institute, where she focuses on restoring religious liberty in the marketplace. She also advocates for the rights of employees and business leaders of faith to work with integrity that’s consistent with their religious convictions.

Taub has authored pieces published by National Review and the Federalist Society, and has appeared on Fox News as well. In addition, The Texas Review of Law and Politics published her findings on federal employment law protections for faith-based employers. The article elaborates on the statutory right of religious institutions to cultivate communities of faith.

Before joining First Liberty, Taub worked as a law clerk to the Honorable Reed O’Connor in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. She graduated from Harvard Law School and is a Blackstone Fellow. And for her undergraduate studies, Taub graduated summa cum laude, receiving a bachelor of science in business administration from the University of Southern California.

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Freedom Encouragement For Work

Freedom To Be You

Freedom.  The thought sends different scenarios through our minds.  Chains, bondage, prison, incarceration, riding a bike on a country lane, speeding a Harley through the black hills, sneaking out of work early heading to the Beach!  You get it; you understand where I am going with this.  But think about this for one moment.  My wife, Gail, has instilled in our children a few words of wisdom that has naturally influenced my life:  “Never let anyone steal your joy.”

I oftentimes equate freedom with joy.  When one is truly free, they are joyful.  I agree with Gail, we should never allow someone to take our joy by allowing us to give it to them. So do not worry about others taking your joy; we can only give them our joy and in essence give them our freedom.  You control your joyfulness, no one can take it from you- you must give it to them!  Don’t give it away leaving you damaged; you will lose your freedom.

So what really is freedom? We all have our definitions, but I am aligned with Pastor Alfredo Ramos on this one- “Being free is the ability to live for yourself” – Freedom.” But, Freedom must include the “Right Rules”.

Enjoy this powerful video, snaps you back to the reality that you can accomplish anything you decide, but you must be true to your limits and capabilities and you must submit to God and follow HIS rules along the way.

Enjoy your day.