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Podcast: Replacing Balance With Integration

CEOs and other high-level executives have a higher rate of burnout than the general workforce. And considering their long list of responsibilities, that makes sense.

We all know the airline safety advice to put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others. It’s a concept that applies just as well to leadership as flying the friendly skies. Yet it can feel impossible to find that kind of time outside the non-stop juggling acts, plate spinning, and balancing games.

If that’s how you feel, here’s a thought you should consider: What if the key isn’t balance at all, but integration?

Meet Mike Sharrow, CEO and president of C12 Business Forums. He and his team help CEOs build great businesses under a “Business as a Ministry” model. Based in San Antonio, Texas, they support a global force of 200 full-time C12 chairs who serve over 4,100 Christian CEOs, owners, and executives across four continents.

Mike has years of both business and pastoral experience, including scaling up a managed care subsidiary of Walgreens, leading a startup financial planning business, pastoring a local church, and starting multiple NGOs. He also served as a C12 chair in the San Antonio and Austin markets, serving over 130 leaders through monthly peer advisory groups.

Listen in as Mike and host Mark Griffin discuss a model for faithfulness and flourishing that allows executives to unlock an abundant life. Learn how to foster thriving workplace environments by assisting your leaders in achieving high performance. Discover frameworks and guiding concepts that can enable higher levels of employee engagement and productivity, corporate performance, and overall enthusiasm in any industry.

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Mark A. Griffin is president and founder of In HIS Name HR LLC. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter


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