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CLA Dallas TX 2017 Managing Employees To Success

It’s no secret that organizations want to succeed. It also should be no surprise that their employees want to succeed! Of course, there’s often a strong, positive relationship between the two—when employees succeed, so do the organizations they serve. A key question, then, becomes: How can organizations most effectively encourage and support their employees’ success?

Mark Griffin, founder of In HIS Name HR and a professional with more than two decades of experience working with high performance organizations, is uniquely qualified to explore this question. Managing Employees to Success promises to be an interesting and interactive event that will offer fresh ideas and productivity-enhancing insights for employers and employees alike.

Benefits Of Presentation 

This presentation provides practical core Human Resources education for anyone that is directly or indirectly involved in leading employees. Using best practices from several high performing organizations, relevant HR competencies are presented in a manner in which participants can reflect, compare and contrast, form opinion and personal approach and implement upon their return to the work place.

This presentation will also help prepare people within your organization who may want to move into a supervisory role. The training is highly interactive (includes table exercises) and gives participants the opportunity to collaborate with other organizations.

Topics To Be Covered

  • Creating a high performance culture through practical HR competency development
  • Where most organizations go wrong engaging employees
  • Setting expectations
  • HR tools for creating success
  • Employee policy manuals
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Employee relations and communications
  • Performance management
  • Counseling and discipline procedures
  • Terminations
  • An overview of labor laws

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About The Presenter

Mark A. Griffin is the founder and chief consultant of In HIS Name HR LLC, a human resources outsourcing and career coaching firm created to help companies pilot the complex issues of managing HR.

As a human resources professional with 20-plus years of experience in both public (Quaker Oats Company, Kodak Inc., Merck Inc.) and private companies (Woolrich, Conestoga Wood Specialties, Valco Companies Inc.), Mark is passionate about building high performance workplaces through utilizing best practices while leading companies with strong values.

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