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Christian Professionals of Central Pennsylvania Join us on LinkedIn

A new season is ahead of us on LinkedIn!

Career Network @LCBC Church has changed its name to Christian Professionals of Central Pennsylvania (CPCP).

Why are we changing? The name change manifests our desire to grow outside LCBC Church into a wider Christian audience reaching multiple churches and a broad spectrum of Christian professionals.

Please help us expand our reach. Invite your friends, pastors, ministry leaders, family members, and colleagues to join our group.

It has been a blessing serving LCBC and the community through the Career Network these past five years. CPCP looks forward to serving a much broader audience in the future.

CPCP LinkedIn

Our New Summary

Our mission is to provide effective education and networking opportunities for Christian professionals in the Central Pennsylvania region, helping our members to better serve others as ambassadors of Christ in the marketplace.

Our New Description

At the core of all we do lies our fervent desire to help Christian professionals grow their businesses and furnish a healthy environment that promotes and provides support and encouragement, fostering businesses opportunities that financially benefit the Central Pennsylvania region.

Our New Group Rules

Welcome to our group. We are excited by our rapid growth and you will find we are a close, passionate group. Our group is intended as a safe haven to discuss Scripture, Christ, and our daily walk with Him as Christians in the workplace. We want to encourage each other to boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in our homes, communities, and workplaces in a way that is scripturally sound, not offensive, and in ways relevant to the people around us.

We initially began in order to connect job seekers to job opportunities and as a mission outreach through LCBC Church. It has since expanded to include Christian business leaders, pastors and ministry leaders.

You can choose to ‘follow’ or ‘not follow’ any discussion by simply marking your choice on the upper left corner of the discussion’s lead post—we encourage you to do this rather than engage in debate. If you read something on this site that you feel contradicts our stated beliefs or is uncivil, please let us know so that we can address it.

The following activities are not permitted: advertising, fundraising for individuals, political and/or overt self-promotion, SEO, social media assistance (including LinkedIn and Facebook), and topics falling outside of Christ, Scripture, and our daily walk with Him. Also not permitted or are links to sites that aggressively seek to obtain member emails or promote blogs.

We also do not permit direct links to other blogs, sites without a detailed description as to what the article is about, or “How to”-type discussions related to social media. The reason is that these types of discussions have the potential to become too numerous and we would rather they be posted in other groups. Please note that discussions falling into any of these categories will be deleted without notice.

Please take note that we do not permit any advertising or marketing posts within our general discussions area.

Looking for a position?

Review the “Jobs” tab to post a comment about the kind of job you are seeking and see what jobs we have listed that might appeal to you.

Organizations interested in posting a position: please follow LinkedIn guidelines and post within the “Jobs” tab. Positions posted not in the “Jobs” tab are subject to removal.


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