May 1, 2012

From Fat to Fit! Healthy Mind, Healthy Spirit, Healthy Body!

From Fat to Fit!

During the 2009 Thanksgiving season, my son Adam and I were talking about the fun we had when he was younger, especially backpacking. He mentioned he would love to take a weeklong trip, but without hesitation he said I would never be able to make it, that I was too heavy and probably would have a heart attack! That hit me pretty hard. I also felt an obligation to lead a healthy lifestyle as a Vice President of Human Resources. It is somewhat hypocritical to promote health and wellness to reduce medical expenses, and at the same time be obese! Realizing I was embarrassingly out of shape for a 42 year old, I made a commitment to change my lifestyle.

I started exercising, changed my diet based on Eating for Life by Bill Phillips, and spent time reflecting on my relationship with Christ.

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