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You found us! Now what? Get the word out!

You found us! Now what? Get the word out!

We have received a wonderful response to the launch of our concept of getting Christ into the workplace. We are amazed at the number of “Likes” we received on our Facebook Page! We are equally impressed by the number of followers on Twitter.  We have an unwritten rule- If you follow us on Twitter we will be kind and follow you back. The problem is it is hard to keep up with all the tweets; we could probably hire one person just to do that full time.  We are also thankful for all our friends and acquaintances that have connected through LinkedIn; I am blessed to have developed such a wonderful network of people.

Help get the word out!

Many of you have responded with Wow!  What a great concept- Assisting Christian companies to be just that… Christian companies. Companies not afraid to proclaim Christ in the workplace.  I appreciate the response.  I also have been asked quite a bit about what you the reader can do to help me with this concept.  If you really want to help- you can simply do the following in helping me to set the groundwork, and solid foundation to what I feel God may lead me to do next.

  1. “Like” us on Facebook.  That way you will get updates.  Tell all your friends about us!  Post a link on your Facebook and ask that they “Like” us as well.
  2. Sign up for updates on our home page. Go to the right side of the page and enter your e-mail address into the “KEEP IN TOUCH” form.
  3. Tell your Pastor about In HIS Name HR.  Let them know I am willing to present to members of their congregation especially Christian Business leaders our presentation on how to build “Kingdom Minded Companies”. This presentation is FREE, although if you are in California I may need to ask for some remuneration to defray travel expenses.
  4. If you work for a Christian company- Tell your leadership about us.
  5. Pray for us- Ask God to help me and my Ministry of spreading the good news.

Thank you so much and for being part of our Mission to get Christ into the workplace.  We are excited to be on this journey and look forward to you helping us meet new people that can help us with our Mission.  Be encouraged today.

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