Online Biblically Based DEI Certification

Are you required to be DEI trained and certified for your employer, school, or volunteer work? Are you a contractor working for a government agency that requires diversity, equity, and inclusion certification?

Perhaps you’re employed at a church, summer camp, or ministry. Or you simply want to increase your knowledge about today’s DEI and compare it to a Biblical perspective. If any of these apply to you, you’ve come to the right place.

At In HIS Name HR, we’re aware of the ever-changing cultural landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion – and the controversies surround it. Many might consider these merely “woke” or “politically correct” terms. And, unfortunately, it is true that many (even most) DEI trainings have embraced the progressive societal shift. They offer a skewed view of the biblical diversity God always intended for us to incorporate.

The truth is that DEI training centers should help every employee embrace and celebrate the many unique aspects of a diverse workplace. This then enables people to work together in harmony. Biblical diversity, equity, and inclusion embrace differences and value the unique, God-given perspective of each employee, no matter their role, status, tenure, or salary.

The end result? A more cohesive, thriving work environment.

This is where we come in. We’ve created a unique DEI program that offers positivity and celebrates our differences without raising one person over another. Our online, video-based certification training can be taken anytime and anywhere to accommodate your busy schedule. We take these offerings very seriously and give our clients thorough, top-quality material that not only complies with the increasing government mandates and social pressures surrounding DEI but actually follows a Christian worldview as well.

Our one-of-a-kind DEI training explores the four different types of diversity: religious, internal organizational, external organizational, and worldview. As a result of understanding each one, you’ll be better equipped to:

  • Stand up to discrimination, such as racial bias or sexual harassment, when witnessing injustices
  • Understand the motivating (and demotivating) work factors for every coworker
  • Examine your own beliefs and unconscious biases, and acknowledge any discriminatory thoughts and attitudes
  • Become more aware of workplace diversity issues such as those affecting underrepresented groups
  • Contribute to a healthy, inclusive workplace where each person is uniquely celebrated for their individuality and diverse qualities
  • Learn how to collaborate effectively with those who possess different qualities and gifts.

And all of this presented in a straight-forward, time-efficient, effective package. After you complete our program, a trainer will email you a few basic questions. Upon answering them correctly, you’ll be issued a certificate of completion to present to your employer or the concerned party in question, thus fulfilling your DEI requirement.

We’ve seen this work impressively for client after client. Rod Redcay, executive director of REAL Life Community Services, says this after implementing  our program:

“In HIS Name HR has provided our staff with exceptional diversity, equity, and inclusion training that aligns with our Christian worldview and values. Using Biblical text as a foundation provides greater understanding of the value of diversity, seeing others as equals, and not excluding anyone because they may look or sound different. I would recommend this training for all faith-based organizations.”

Let us help you leverage your strengths as well, boosting morale and productivity in your workplace. Click below to get started on your biblical DEI training and certification today!

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