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Interview WGRC

Mark had the pleasure of being interviewed by Larry Weidman at WGRC FM, Lewisburg Pennsylvania during his live weekly broadcast” The Matter At Hand”. The basis of this interview was to spread the word that he is interested in developing “Business Roundtable” discussions in rural Pennsylvania towns. Mark is continually drawn to focusing on rural Pennsylvania. Having grown up in a rural community, he understands that many rural areas are lacking the Christian business resources that are readily available in the Metro areas.


He is exploring starting a roundtable group in several areas of rural Pennsylvania. The features of this roundtable group would be to assist businesses in accomplishing the following:

  • Build “kingdom minded” organizations
  • Integrate their Christian faith into their daily operations and practices
  • Develop “cutting edge” ways to succeed in today’s marketplace
  • Achieve personal-spiritual-business “life integration”
  • Experience a safe & confidential place to share their issues and challenges

Interest has been gaining since the airing of this broadcast and alternatives to large roundtable groups are being explored.

Enjoy this presentation, which includes background on Mark and his ideas for helping to put Christ in the workplace in rural central Pennsylvania

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