Are You Having an Organizational Identity Crisis? CLA Guest Post

If your organization is having an identity crisis.  You may be the last to know. The clues aren’t usually obvious, but you may sense something is wrong.

Do you spot any of these patterns emerging?

  • More and more employees are leaving
  • There is values confusion
  • Quality and/or performance is trending downward
  • Your organization is missing deadlines
  • Your clients or customers are complaining more
  • It’s getting harder and harder to find good talent

These issues are not random blips on the landscape. They reveal deeper problems, those below the surface. Greater attention to structure and organization may be needed, but there is a core issue at stake: Organizational Identity.


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Mark Griffin is founder and Chief Consultant at In His Name HR LLC. He has over 20 years of HR experience. Check out his Christian Career Coaching Page here.  Follow Mark on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Why do people quit their jobs?

The Top 3 Reasons Talented People Quit Their Jobs +1 CLA Guest Post

The economy has made jobs scarce, but talented people still quit for reasons that might surprise you.

Many organizations still have high rates of turnover.  Many employees are unhappy.

In my 20-plus-year career in human resources (HR), I’ve noticed that, while people will endure fewer amenities and less pay, there are three reasons skillful workers will bolt to another job:


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Is Facebook Really Risky in the Workplace? CLA Guest Post

Learn how to make social media use in the workplace a win for everybody.

What is your organization’s policy on social media? It’s time to better understand this powerful tool and make it work for you. Do employees know the policy?

Research from Fierce, a Seattle-based training and development company, concludes that 80 percent of workers log onto Facebook during working hours.

Facebook is not going away. LinkedIn is right behind, and if you don’t know what Twitter is, well, you’re just missing out. Having worked in an era before these tools existed and then became popular, I offer you some vital insights from a Human Resources perspective.


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What You Can Learn From Employee Turnover

The Most Important Things You Learn from Employee Turnover CLA Guest Post

Why are people leaving your organization?

My client’s eyes glazed over when I asked her this. She didn’t know why more than 13 percent of her workforce left every year – and hadn’t even thought about figuring out the reasons.

In my experience, most organizations fail to document why people leave.

If they do conduct exit interviews, they often don’t probe deeply enough. Or, they fail to effectively learn from their findings and implement change for the better.  HR needs to do a better job.


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8 Great Reasons for Job Descriptions

Job descriptions (JDs) are just so 1980s,” a young HR graduate recently commented to me, He could not be more wrong. Having worked in HR for over 25 years, I can tell you that some things just don’t change—and shouldn’t change.  New technology consistently bombards us; faster, better, and sleeker processes seem to overwhelm us.

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Performance Reviews

10 Great Reasons Why Performance Reviews Matter

Most employees loath them; many managers avoid them. High Performance Organizations have them, and they do what they’re designed to do—evaluate precisely the performance of each employee.

Feel like you don’t need them? Here are 10 great reasons that should change your mind.

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We are honored to be the Christian leadership Alliance Human Resources contributor.