Are You Generous with Your Employees?

Are You Generous with Your Employees?

Proverbs 22:9

9The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.

How many companies give thousands away but their employees can’t afford to buy their medical coverage? This happens more than you might realize.

Having worked at a variety of companies, both secular and Christian-owned, has given me the opportunity to witness a similar thread of generosity absurdity. Oftentimes our tendency to be generous involves looking outward to our communities, our nation or other continents. However, we should, as Christian Leaders, look first inward before looking outward.

Take care of your employees and they will take care of their communities

Let me explain in simple terms — help your employees first so they may be prosperous and go forth to help build the Kingdom. Not paying your employees correctly for the sake of having more dollars to give to a foundation, a foreign mission, or local charity is self-defeating. Ultimately, your employees will grow bitter and their fruit will never ripen.

Help our community of readers

What has your organization done to help your employees? Have you set a good foundation for them to grow, support their families, and build the Kingdom in their communities?


Kenton Glick

posted on June 7, 2013Reply

Very wise words Mark. I’ve worked for secular organizations that it felt as if they want to give as little as possible to their employees- like they view them as “costs to be controlled”. By contrast, Kingdom organizations I’ve worked for have shown a willingness to genuinely invest in their employees, inspiring a loyalty that has an impact far beyond what can be quantified on a profit/loss statement. But sometimes they can even stumble in this- so this is a good challenge.

Terry Einhorn

posted on June 10, 2013Reply

Too many times we forget these lessons. I am reminded of Andrew Carnegie the noted philanthropist. He gave millions to charities and yet for his employees that made him his millions he suffered over 1 penny raises. It almost seems counter philanthropy. To me this is a perfect example of someone who wants to be recognized by man but not God. Just like the Bible says to do your praying in the closet so you will be rewarded openly, I believe that generosity and charity is something you do when no one is looking, especially if you are doing it to be blessed of God.

Dawn Smith

posted on June 26, 2013Reply

Great insight!

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