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We have worked with Gallant Background Checks LLC for several years and would never consider using another vendor. Quick, honest and done with accuracy, Gallant Background Checks LLC can’t be beat!

What is really special about Gallant Background Checks LLC is they are able to help all forms of organizations, whether it is a Secular or Christian owned business, Ministry, Church or Non-Profit, the staff at Gallant Background Checks LLC can assist you with determining the level of screening to make your hiring and volunteer placement full of integrity and proper vetting.

Check out the following recommendation we wrote on August 19, 2010 specifically in regards to Stephanie Elder’s assistance with us.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Stephanie on our recent project. We were struggling to have our current provider deliver us results within 48 hours. In our effort to support our business, we need prompt service. Stephanie was able to take over our process and deliver with excellent results! Our HR Staff is very happy with the service they receive from Stephanie’s Team and we are glad we choose them. We recommend them as a vendor of choice!”
Mark A. Griffin, Vice President Human Resources

Having been in HR for over 20+ years, I can tell you I have been through quite a few screening companies. Many say they will deliver, but always seem to lack service after a few weeks into the contract. I have never had any issues with Gallant Background Checks LLC. So contact the folks at Gallant Background Checks LLC you will be glad you did.


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